Friday, March 19, 2010

Slave Girl

Soon to be painted up and poster-ized.

Revenge of the Gherkinoids

Finished the B-Movie image. Here are the final steps and completed picture.

The Zucchinians became Gherkinoids once I discovered that the zucchini is a more distant relative of the pickling cucumber than I first thought.

"We imprisoned their cousins in jars - now mankind is in the pickle!"

Friday, March 05, 2010


I've enetered the 'B-Movie' challenge over at CGSociety. I'm not sure if I'll get if finished with the deadline just two weeks away, but the topic is irresistable!



Concept goes something like this: Humans preserve gherkins in vinegar. The Zucchinians disapprove of their cousins being treated in this manner and decide to teach humankind a lesson. Poor Debbie is snatched up just one bite into a crunchy dill. What terrible fate awaits her? Can Miss Pickles, her faithful pooch, save the day or is it the end of Deborah Cornichon and millions of gherkin-munchers across the globe?

We'll never know unless they make a film out of it.

I'll post updates as I go along. In case I forget, the challenge thread is linked below -