Thursday, September 30, 2010

Hell Devil!

A cover for the 'Hell Devil' EP by metal band Amadis. When an art brief includes a medieval knight, a pistol-weilding nun, an evil nemesis, a space suited hero riding a terrorbird and wielding a magical broadsword, a supercharged death racer, an apocalyptic bare-chested badass discharging his AK-47 into the air and a t-rex equipped with laser guided missiles, you know you've landed a fun gig..!
Plus, the band rock! Check 'em out - 

Monday, September 20, 2010


Some beasties done for Wizards of the Coast. Painting these dudes was a big deal for me because after years illustrating various other RPG products, this was my first work for the big daddy, Dungeons and Dragons.

As a teenage lad I'd sit in my bedroom marvelling at art from the likes of Jeff Easley and Larry Elmore in the D&D books and imagine my own humble scribbles on those pages one day. It took a little while ( over twenty years! ) but it was worth the wait - opening a copy of Monster Manual 3 to see one of my doodles peering out was a little dream come true.