Sunday, January 17, 2010

It is I

A self portrait seems like an appropriate first post. Hello!


Sthe said...

Ciao Matt welcome! ^__^

justinkhuong said...

Hi Matt! You look more "hairy" than the self-portrait photo with devil horns and beard :)

I remembered receiving your email like...3 years ago, when I started my career.

You are my most favorite artist out there, Matt. Please keep this blog updated.
Best wishes Matt.


P.S: My sketch blog is:
Your critics and comments will definitely make my days :)

Toxsin said...

haha. didn't know that you have earrings :) but this self portrait is kinda intimidating. unlike your portrait on your site :D

Dave Rapoza said...

man, I'm so pumped that you look like that haha. Thats pretty much how I imagined