Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little pin-ups!

'Dixon's Vixens' are almost here! Produced by the splendid folks at Cult Stuff, this limited edition set of pin-up trading cards will soon be released into the wild! I'll post more details once the set is available in a few weeks, but I'm currently applying my signature to hundreds of little Vixens and the cards look and feel great. I must say, there's a strange feeling when I finish a painting and the barbarian lass that I've spent the previous day colouring in gazes back at me, but to be surrounded by a small army of the little blighters all giving me the same cheeky smirk is a very odd sensation indeed!

The finished sets will be for sale through my site, and I should also have them for sale at my upcoming appearances at the Bristol International Comic and Small Press Expo ( 14 - 15 May ) and London MCM Expo ( 27 - 29 May ).

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